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El TOP 3 eCommerce de Supermercados

Los estrictos horarios y los compromisos diarios suponen para muchas personas una dificultad para ir al supermercado y realizar las compras necesarias para el día a día. 

Es por eso que muchas compañías de alimentación y supermercados están aumentando sus esfuerzos en ofrecer la posibilidad de realizar pedidos de forma online y que sus usuarios tengan la mejor experiencia de compra posible.

viabill pierluigi lauriano

Get to know our Hivers: Pierluigi Lauriano from Viabill Spain

To be a Hiver you just need a couple of things: a great smile and to be ready for lots of quality networking. 

Today we are happy to introduce you to Pierluigi Lauriano from ViaBill  Spain. From Palermo to the world reinventing himself and landing into the Virtual 1to1 to be part of a slightly different but full of energy (as usual) Hive.

Let’s get to know him

A sentence to describe yourself: I love Challenge, I love to build up a company from scratch and I’m always seeking for the best engagement in every situation to achieve the best possible result

A place you love: Sicily,  my homeland 

Degree: I graduated at Business Law at Bocconi University and then got an MBA 

Did you always know that you would do this job or you reinvented yourself?

I always wanted to do an entrepreneurial job, this is the reason why I left my career as a lawyer after a year and a half. I soon understood I was not made to be a consultant, I wanted to make things happen. 

What is the idea behind ViaBill? Why was it born?

In 2006, ViaBill was established in Aarhus, Denmark as a billing service for businesses. The company was founded by five people, including current CEO Jan Lytje-Hansen. ViaBill continues to use “Bill” in our brand name as a nod to our humble beginnings but expanded its services to payment solutions for both online and offline merchants and members. 

In 2019, ViaBill moved its headquarters to Copenhagen, Denmark, growing to 93 team members globally, consisting of 24 different nationalities.

How would you describe your solution in one sentence?

ViaBill creates a simple, transparent and hassle-free payment method for online shopping giving the opportunity to buy now and pay later by splitting payments into four equal instalments with zero interest

Which pain point are you solving? 

We are trying to solve the inconvenient and expensive financing by allowing consumers to split their purchase’s price into installments. Most often without any cost for the consumer.

ViaBill integrates into the store via our modules – onboarding of merchants happens the same day with little effort from the merchant, and consumers are accepted within seconds once they register at the store’s checkout. 

Which are the immediate advantages that a company gets when implementing ViaBill?

ViaBill is a transparent, flexible and smart payment option for Merchants who want to increase their average value of orders and conversion rates. By providing ViaBill as a payment solution at checkout, Merchants may see an increase of 33% in the average value of orders and an 18% increase in their conversion rates. 

Which is the industry that might get more benefits implementing ViaBill?

Fashion and clothing

Where in the world are you operating by now?

ViaBill serves merchants and users across Denmark, the US, and Spain right now. 

How do you see Viabill in 5 years time?

We see ViaBill as the preferred split payment solution in Europe and North America due to transparency with the consumer and the fact that we help all kinds of merchants – big and small.

Who was your first customer? 

Among the first customers in Spain are, a store specialized in technological products and Stayhumbleornot, a store that produces sustainable sportswear, which shows us that our online payment solution can fit great in both large and small eCommerce

We love to know a bit better all our Hivers that apart from great professionals they are also great people with lots of stories to tell.

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¿Cómo hacer networking online?

Los tiempos cambian, vivimos en una evolución constante y especialmente en el sector digital. Si además de conocer cuáles son las soluciones digitales de vanguardia quieres descubrir las ventajas de los eventos de networking a distancia, ¡tenemos algo que contarte!

eventos online para empresas

Online business meetings – Increase your network

Technology offers us a wide range of new opportunities, many of which were not even in our imagination yet. Apart from creating new ways to communicate with each other, we discovered new ways to work. In a moment where we need to be more connected than ever, technology takes a step forward and allows us to create virtual events.

If you are looking for new business partnerships we invite you to discover online business meetings.

eventos online para empresas

Eventos online para empresas – Aumenta tu red de contactos

La tecnología nos ofrece infinidad de posibilidades de las que quizás no hayamos sido conscientes hasta ahora. Además de crear nuevas maneras de comunicarnos, hemos descubierto nuevas formas de trabajar. En un momento en el que necesitamos estar conectados más que nunca, ésta vuelve a dar un paso al frente al permitir los encuentros virtuales

Si buscas nuevas relaciones profesionales, te invitamos a descubrir los eventos online para empresas

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Soluciones AdTech innovadoras para grandes marcas

Conseguir captar la atención de los internautas es una tarea cada vez más difícil.

Además de las altas expectativas en cuanto a la creatividad y a la tecnología utilizada, los usuarios se han vuelto más exigentes y piden experiencias personalizadas posibles gracias a la captación de datos.

¿Qué soluciones AdTech puedes implementar para afrontar estos retos?

como hacer networking digital1to1

¿Cómo hacer networking?

El networking es un concepto cada vez más necesario tanto en el entorno empresarial como en el emprendedor, y consiste en construir redes de contactos que puedan generar nuevas oportunidades de negocio. Si quieres beneficiarte de esta práctica, te contamos cómo hacer networking para sacarle el máximo partido.

speed networking digital1to1

¿Qué es el speed networking?

Las necesidades de los consumidores, tanto a nivel B2B como B2C, están en constante evolución y van hacia un entorno digital. Si quieres que tu negocio evolucione digitalmente, pero no tienes claro cómo dar el paso, saber qué es el speed networking te llevará al siguiente nivel.