Digital 1to1 is very happy to have you in this new edition. To ensure that our gathering is successful we require that attendees coming with a GUEST PASS, express their commitment:

If for any unforeseen reason you are unable to attend the event, please notify us by writing no later than 15 calendar days before the event. Failure to notify us before this deadline will result in a 1850€ cancellation charge to cover the full service cost.

If cancellation is notified before the deadline, accommodation and travel costs will only need to be paid if the organization has already made the corresponding reservations.

If in any case a participant is substituted with another representative of the company that fulfills the requirements, you will not have to pay any amount.

When you fulfil the registration form, you declare that the data provided therein is valid and that you have a job in the company you represent and that said company is aware of the event and has approved the participation and the conditions set forth in this Cancellation Policy.



Digital 1to1 will not be responsible for any loss, damage, injury, claims costs or expenses of any kind whatsoever if the event is cancelled, postponed or altered due to a Force Majeure.

Force Majeure is defined as any unforeseen occurrence that renders performance of the event impossible, inadvisable, illegal or impracticable. Force Majeure includes, but is not limited to: casualty, fire, explosion, flood, earthquake or other natural disasters, an act of God, governmental restrictions or regulations, political instability, war or apparent acts of war, terrorism or apparent acts of terrorism, civil disturbances or riots, strikes, curtailment, suspension or restriction on transportation facilities and means of transportation or any other emergency.

Should any of the referred circumstances beyond the control of the organizers necessitate any alterations, Digital 1to1 reserves the right to modify the advertised agenda and format where required. Any such alterations will be communicated directly or updated on the event website as soon as possible. If this were the case, any sums paid by the attendees in relation to the event will be retained by Digital 1to1 as a payment on account of the participation in the event, without Digital 1to1 being obliged to reimburse such amounts by the mere fact of a change in the agenda and/or format of the event. Only in the case that the event is definitively suspended would the attendees be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid.