Download the Spanish Top eCommerce Report

Update TO DECEMBER 2022

Together with Netrica and EGI Group we bring you this report with the TOP 100 most visited Ecommerce in Spain.

Follow closely your competitors and find your next customer downloading this ranking and following here their monthly evolution.

Discover the trends with this top eCommerce Spain

Identify the most visited Spanish eCommerce.

Notice the interests of the users to better plan your marketing strategies.

Analyze the monthly evolution of the industry.

Meet new digital solutions to face your digital challenges.

Learn from success cases and interviews of the digital industry.

top ecommerce españa

Get to know the monthly evolution of the spanish digital industry

The Digital industry is a continually evolving environment, we won’t tell you what Ecommerce is or how it works, but we can truly help you to better understand its current situation.

The needs of the users change according to the moment of the year and this is noticeable in their online preferences. In general, we could say that during some sales periods fashion or electronic ecommerce will be in the top positions of the ranking but as soon as users start planning their holidays, the main characters will be travel websites and so on.

But if we leave aside the obvious statements we can find huge surprises.

During the year, there are moments in which users are more likely to check experiences, DYI websites, or they can even surprise you by start planning their holidays in unexpected dates.

If you are a B2C company you will be able to study the behaviour of your customers to sharpen your marketing strategies optimizing the time of your teams and taking the most of all your actions.

On the other hand, if you are a digital solution, you will be able to identify who are your potential customers in the country; the ones with with more visits (and probably, more sales) to whom you should offer your services.