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Updated to MARCH 2024

In collaboration with Netquest and EGI Group we bring you the list of the TOP 100 Ecommerce in Italy by number of visits.

Follow your competitors and find your next customer by downloading this ranking. Follow their evolution every month on this website.

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Discover the trends with this Top Ecommerce Italy

Discover the eCommerce with the highest traffic in Italy.

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Analyzes changes in the sector month by month.

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Know the evolution of the sector on a monthly basis

The digital sector is a world in constant evolution, if you are here we are not going to explain what is eCommerce and how it works but we can help you to better understand where this sector is at the moment.

Depending on the time of the year, users' needs change and this is reflected in their online behavior. It could be said that there are specific times of sales that will make eCommerce clothing or electronics rise positions, times when users plan their vacations in which the great protagonists are the pages dedicated to tourism, etc..

But, if we leave aside the most obvious, we find some big surprises.

There are times of the year when users visit more pages related to experiences, DIY or decoration companies and we can even be surprised to know when users start planning their vacations.

If you offer B2C services, you will be able to study your customers' behavior and fine-tune your marketing strategies, optimizing your department's time and getting the most out of all your actions.

If you are a digital solution you will know which are your main potential customers in the country with the highest number of visits (and possibly sales) and to whom you should offer your services.