Travel and Cancellation Policy Digital 1to1

In order to guarantee the success of the meeting, it is necessary that the companies invited to Digital 1to1 expressly state their commitment with their registration.

Therefore, by completing the registration form, the Company declares that the information provided is correct and truthful, and that the person being registered as its representative holds a position in the registered Company. Likewise, by completing the registration form, it is stated that the registered Company is aware of its registration and has expressly approved its participation in the event, under the terms and conditions set forth in this Cancellation Policy.

In the event of not being able to attend the event, the organization must be expressly notified in writing at least 14 calendar days prior to the start date of the event. If the cancellation is notified before this deadline, the Company shall pay the costs related to accommodation and travel by bank transfer against invoice issued by Digital 1to1 in your name or your company's name, in the event that the organization of the event has already made the corresponding reservations.

In the case of not communicating the non-attendance to the event, or notifying it after the deadline, the Company shall pay the full cost of the service in the amount of 1,850 Euros, as damages caused.

If in any of the cases, the participation is substituted by that of another representative of the Company that fulfills the requirements, no amount shall be paid.

Participants will be able to choose how to manage their trip through the participation confirmation form using the following options:

The partner travel agency Digital 1to1 organizes the guest's trip.

The agency will directly contact the participants who have checked this option to inform them of the travel and transfer possibilities according to the traveler's preferences, the program of the event and the cost of the trip versus the value of the travel bag offered.

Once validated, the agency will issue and send the corresponding tickets to the guest and inform him/her of the details of the transfer.

In the event that the total value of the trip exceeds the amount of the travel bag, the attendee must pay the difference in advance according to the agency's instructions or choose to travel on his/her own.

Travel on your own

The participant will arrive at the event by his own means and will inform the organization of his day and time of arrival and departure.

During the calendar week following the last day of the event, the participant may request reimbursement of the services included in the travel bag up to the maximum agreed value by means of the corresponding invoice in the name of Digital 1to1 and with an attached copy of the tickets purchased (must show price and date).

If more than 20 calendar days have passed since the end of the event without having received the necessary documentation specified for this purpose, Digital 1to1 reserves the right not to reimburse the services included in the travel bag.

Under no circumstances are cabs, mileage, car rental or any other item outside of those stipulated included in the travel bag.


The organization will provide free shuttle buses between the main points of arrival and the venue of Digital 1to1 and at the times it deems appropriate given the program.

Attendees may reserve a place on the connecting bus they are interested in through the participation form within the indicated deadline. In the case of not requesting a seat or requesting it after the deadline, the company will not be able to guarantee the space on the bus of your interest nor will it be responsible for the costs of your transfer at its own expense.

Force majeure

Digital 1to1 shall not be held liable nor shall it be understood that it has not fulfilled its obligations for any losses, damages, claims or expenses of any other kind that may arise in the event that the event is cancelled due to Force Majeure.

Force Majeure shall be understood as any unforeseeable event, condition or circumstance that makes the performance impossible or that makes its execution defective, inadvisable, illegal or impracticable; including, but not limited to emergencies, fires, explosions, floods, earthquakes, natural phenomena in general, governmental orders or regulations or any act of alteration of public or constitutional order, civil commotion or acts that generate political and/or economic instability, wars or apparent acts of war, terrorism or apparent acts of terrorism, riots, mutinies, strikes, restrictions or suspensions in transportation services or of any other type, which could affect the celebration of Digital 1to1.

In the event that any of the aforementioned circumstances, beyond the reasonable control of the organizers, implying the need to alter the event, Digital 1to1 reserves the right to modify the agenda and format of the event, whenever necessary, by means of direct communication to the participants or by means of a publication on this website, as soon as possible. Should such a case arise, any amounts paid by the Companies in relation to the event will be retained by Digital 1to1 as payment on account for the participation in the event, without Digital1to1 becoming obliged to reimburse such amounts by the mere fact that there has been a change in the agenda and/or format of the event. Only in the event that the celebration of the event is definitively suspended, the Companies would be entitled to the reimbursement of the amounts paid.