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This report with the TOP 100 most visited e-commerces in Italy is made together with Netquest and EGI Group

Take the opportunity to closely follow your competitors and find your next customers by downloading this report and following here its monthly evolution.

Discover the latest trends with the Top e-commerces in Italy's report

Discover the most visited Italian e-commerces.

Understand the interests of the users to better plan your marketing strategies.

Analyze the monthly evolution of the industry.

Meet new digital solutions to face your digital challenges.

Discover sector rankings and e-commerce businesses experiencing the highest growth or decline.

top 100 ecommerce italy  may 2023

Get to know the monthly evolution of the Italian digital industry

The digital sector is a constantly evolving and hard-to-predict world, but what we can do is help you better understand current innovations and trends in this industry.

Depending on the time of year, user needs change, and this is reflected in their online behavior. Specific sale periods boost the rankings of clothing or electronics e-commerce platforms, while vacation planning periods put tourism-focused e-commerce platforms in the spotlight, and so on.

However, if we set aside the obvious and approach the data with a critical mindset, we may come across significant surprises that, if interpreted correctly, can help us develop our business in the right direction.

There are periods of the year when users visit more pages related to experiences, DIY or decoration companies, and we can even be surprised to know when users start planning their vacations.

If you offer B2C services, you can study the behavior of your customers and refine your marketing strategies by optimizing your department's time and getting the most out of all your actions.

If you are a digital solution, you will know who your main potential customers are in the country with the highest number of visits (and possibly sales), and to whom you should offer your services.