customer loyalty

The Customer Relationship for Loyalty

To start talking about loyalty, you must first have a relationship, right? Well, it's the same with customers. Customer relationship and loyalty are two concepts that go hand in hand and it makes a lot of sense, if you think about it, when a relationship works: it continues.

david moran muroexe

Meet our Hivers: David Morán de Muroexe

Elegance is an attitude and in Muroexe they are very clear about it. The saying that to show off you have to suffer is very old fashioned, no more sore feet after a busy day, now it is painless to be comfortable and elegant.

Today we introduce you to David Moran, Head of Ecommerce and Digital of Muroexe, the company that has brought the future to our feet and has given a touch of style to the suit with sneakers.

#dothefuture and discover how David can take on Goliath and how there is life beyond leather shoes.

9 record-breaking Spanish digital players in 2020

9 Spanish Digital Players that Broke Records in 2020

Snow, New Year's resolutions and an attack on the capitol have marked the first days of 2021 but as we want to start the year on a good note we have taken a look back at 2020 with a focus on the good news.

Last year many eCommerce fought like hell to give the best of themselves and end the year with figures that deserve a post so they can boast, in 2020 the Spanish eCommerce reached 12,020 million euros only in the first quarter, not bad, right?

how to optimize a company's international shipments ecommerce

How to Optimize the International Shipments of a eCommerce

If you're in e-commerce, you know that shipping is probably the most important part of your relationship with your customers. From the moment an order is placed, the entire process must be streamlined to get it to the recipient in the shortest possible time. But what if it's a shipment to another country? 

All about data protection tools for eCommerce

All About Data Protection Tools for eCommerce

E-commerce is growing growing for both pure players and retailers who are looking to open new channels to reach their customers.

This is very good news, but we must bear in mind that, as with all systems that operate on the Internet, there may be risks when carrying out economic transactions that we must protect ourselves from.

the best software for the pharmaceutical industry

The best software for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical sector is characterized by its size, complexity and ever-increasing competitiveness. 

In addition to the importance of product traceability as required by the European Union, it is essential to maintain complete control over order preparation, workflows, invoicing, accounting and compliance with all relevant regulations. 

digital 1to1 merry christmas

Digital 1to1the year of reinvention

Once upon a time there was a weird, weird year, with a touch of pandemic and a lot of adaptation. It was early March when life changed worldwide, something that no one expected and that, at the same time, separated and reconnected us in a different way. A forced back to basics that turned everything upside down.

The events of networking of Digital 1to1 are adapted to COVID-19.

The events of networking of Digital 1to1 are adapted to COVID-19.

These are times of change and evolution at Digital 1to1 always we are committed to adapting and reinventing ourselves to go one step further. to go one step further. For this reason, our events of networking with Covid events continue to maintain all our essence while complying with all the safety measures stipulated by the competent bodies.

Digital 1to1 innovates in the sector of networking with a new format

Digital 1to1 innovates in the sector of networking with a new format

You think you've seen it all at the events of networking professionals? That means you've never participated in the ones we organize at Digital 1to1. With innovation as our flagship, we have designed a new format that not only adapts to the current requirements, but we make the most of every minute of your time. We invite you to join us in our beehive at the Dinners!