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Dinner Fashion: networking for fashion, beauty and luxury companies

At Digital 1to1 we like to reinvent ourselves and adapt to every moment, so we launched a new event format that is more compact but just as effective, and we are launching it for the first time with networking for fashion, beauty and luxury companies.

Do you have a position with decision-making power and your eCommerce or brand is in one of these sectors? Do you offer a digital solution from eCommerce, Martech or Fashion Tech?

last mile distribution logistics

Last Mile Distribution Logistics

If we can have something today, why wait until tomorrow. 

This could very well be the slogan that describes last mile distribution logistics. An innovative system that makes it possible to deliver an order at the place and time the customer wants within an established geographical area. 

warehouse management systems

Warehouse Management Systems

In recent years, logistics has become one of the most important areas of a company. 

In the digital era, immediacy no longer applies only to communication with the customer, but also to the time in which the customer receives the products or services purchased. For these circumstances to occur, warehouse management must be as efficient as possible. 

big data supply chains

Big data for supply chains

Efficiency is the main challenge in the field of logistics; problems such as warehouse relocation, traffic, energy costs, the rise of e-commerce or obstacles in last-mile distribution must be addressed. In this scenario, companies in any sector are incorporating new technologies that can provide a solution. 

xavier marmol veepee

Get to know our Hivers: Xavier Mármol from Veepee

Delivery is key in any shopping process (mostly in e-commerce).

If you give it a thought it is crazy how bad you feel after a wrong or late delivery. At that moment you even forget the quality of the product purchased or how much you wanted it. You just feel blue and pissed.

xavier marmol veepee

Meet our Hivers: Xavier Mármol from Veepee

Delivery is a vital factor in the purchasing process. It seems unbelievable, but no matter how good a product is, if the delivery has not been easy and fast, that is what the customer is left with, with a bad taste in his mouth that we do not like.

Today we meet Xavier Mármol, Supplier Developer and Quality Director | Supply Chain Spain at Veepee. Since he was a child he felt passion for leadership and for solving challenges, there is no delivery that resists him!