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How payment platforms influence a Ecommerce

Checkout is a key moment in e-commerce. Retailers invest a lot of resources in getting a customer to fill their shopping cart: online marketing, technology infrastructure, user experience design, etc. And once the customer is ready to pay, it is key that there is no friction in the process.

jeremy skelland datawork

Jeremy Skelland: Digital1to1 is an enriching experience.

Jeremy Skelland, Country Manager for Spain at DataWork, participated in the last summer edition of Digital 1to1 and told us about his experience.

"The experience has been spectacular, from the moment we were picked up and arrived at the hotel. The organization and the place are spectacular. It is the first time we have come and we will surely repeat the following years because we are delighted to have come."

octavi gibernau digital1to1 audi opportunity

Octavi Gibernau: Digital1to1 is a great opportunity for Audi

Octavi Gibernau, Digital Business Manager of the Audi brand, part of the Volkswagen Group, explains why attending Digital 1to1 has been such an enriching experience for him.

"The experience of participating in Digital 1to1 has been excellent. I think it is a great opportunity for a company like Audi to digitize its business processes with the partners offered here," says Octavi.

lavin luis treend

Treend: Digital1to1 helps us to position ourselves in the eCommerce

Lavin Luis, Co-Founder & CEO of Treend, tells us how he has lived the experience of Digital1to1 Summer and what he values most about our proposal.

"The experience at Digital1to1 has been incredible. It is the fourth or fifth time I have participated and I have also participated in some dinners", says Lavin Luis, referring to the sectorial format of Digital1to1 that consists of a dinner and a speednetworking between solutions and companies of the same sector such as B2B, Logistics or Fashion.

david moran muroexe

Meet our Hivers: David Morán de Muroexe

Elegance is an attitude and in Muroexe they are very clear about it. The saying that to show off you have to suffer is very old fashioned, no more sore feet after a busy day, now it is painless to be comfortable and elegant.

Today we introduce you to David Moran, Head of Ecommerce and Digital of Muroexe, the company that has brought the future to our feet and has given a touch of style to the suit with sneakers.

#dothefuture and discover how David can take on Goliath and how there is life beyond leather shoes.

xavier marmol veepee

Meet our Hivers: Xavier Mármol from Veepee

Delivery is a vital factor in the purchasing process. It seems unbelievable, but no matter how good a product is, if the delivery has not been easy and fast, that is what the customer is left with, with a bad taste in his mouth that we do not like.

Today we meet Xavier Mármol, Supplier Developer and Quality Director | Supply Chain Spain at Veepee. Since he was a child he felt passion for leadership and for solving challenges, there is no delivery that resists him!